PetSaver™ Program Pet CPR, First Aid & Care for your Pets

What would you, your family or your employees do in a pet emergency?

We are now offering a class that teaches more than 50 skills to help save your dogs life. This comprehensive class is great for anyone - new pet owners to lifelong professionals to emergency response personnel. 

Why PetSaver™ Program Pet CPR, First Aid & Care for your Pets?


  • Learn more about your pet and their needs.
  • Learn 3 Different Types of CPR.
  • Gain Access to Canine Moxy's Courses: Water Safety & Swimming, Personal Protection & Bite-work, Scent Detection, and Service Dog Training.
  • Hosted by The Range At Austin
  • Free Lunch Provided
  • Certificate Upon Completion.


Everyone would benefit from taking the PetSaver™ Program Pet CPR, First Aid & Care. You will learn about your pet, their anatomy, how to handle the most common emergencies, learn 3 types of CPR and gain access to high level training through Canine Moxy.

Classes can be purchased using Canine Moxy Class Credits. Class Credits have a base price of $50 per credit, but can be purchased in bulk to save money. The more you buy, the more you save. Check out the pricing options below!

Canine Moxy Class Credits. Pay Less. Learn More!

Click HERE to see how Canine Moxy Class Credits Work.

Hiking & Walking with your dog



/per person


1 Class Credit/per person

  • 90 Minute Presentation
  • Hosted by The Range At Austin
  • Snack Provided
  • Use One Class Credit instead
  • Snout-to-Tail Assessment
  • Top Six Pet Emergencies on the Trail

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Welcome to Canine Moxy!

Welcome to Canine Moxy!

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